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    You should show a tolerant and open-minded attitude towards many subjects. Imagine the following sentences:
    A: “All bugga-huggawoks always make trouble. I hate them”
    B: “Bugga-huggawoks are often difficult. Some of them are OK though”.

    Now, whatever bugga-huggawoks are, sentence B seems to be more reasonable. If you start sentences like A and insist that there are no exceptions and get angry then

    you involve yourself in an uneasy talk
    you show intolerant temper
    you show extreme attitudes (“all”, “always”,”hate”)
    you show that you have less knowledge than someone who says sentence B (because he knows good bugga-huggawoks and you don’t)
    you show that you have little experience, since there are always exceptions, but you never encountered them
    since you have little experience you are a prejudiced hater (“I hate them”)
    you don’t admit that you are wrong most probably
    you show sarcasm and negativity and that tells that you are probably on the losing side of life (see Don’t symbolize a loser)
    ANYTHING that can cause YOU a bad mood or HER a bad mood should be avoided (unless you are self-confident enough to make her smile again). Please also read Smile and Don’t be a Crybaby.

    Maybe the only exception (where you actually CAN say that you hate something) are “spiders”. Women usually hate spiders/bugs/midges/… too. But don’t forget to add “I usually kill them whenever I see them” to become her hero 🙂 or “I usually throw them back into the garden” to show that you are a friendly and easygoing person.

    Moreover, don’t start fights. Fights are something you do not want to have in a human-human relationship. Fights have winners and losers. But you shouldn’t want to make your partner lose. Nor your partner you. Do some “peaceful negotiating” where everybody wins instead.

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