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    In our daily search for adding something saucy to our lives from time to time we encounter some rules, rules that need to be followed and played upon them.
    Because spending a great time at ImYours it?s our major goal for members, we have taken into consideration all of your requests for creating a great place for spending time and meeting people with same tastes as yours.

    No fake profiles

    We all like surprises, but only those meant to be something nice. However, from time to time we take a hit from wicked surprises also, like when talking with someone for months and finding out that person is not who you thought he is. For this not to happen, each new profile added to our database will be checked for being sure it meets the requirements. Furthermore, we do this also whenever somebody edits or changes its profile, translating into no shocking surprises for our members.

    No promo and spam messages

    For all out there registering only to send promotional or spammy messages, we present the First Message Approval method. How does it work? First message sent by a new member is due to verification and approval, this way almost all no-legitimate users will stopped in their attempt to spam ImYours? members.


    Words are usually used for us to get what we desire, whether it is in real life or at ImYours Dating website. What we do not want is members to use words in order to give the wrong impression about them or create a false presentation for other to be mislead. Therefore, as day-by-day new scammers and fakers show up online, we monitor diaries, registered profiles and messages for any kind of doubtful or unsuitable activity to end it, once and forever.

    Customer Care

    Our UK based Customer Care Team is ready to answer all your queries and questions, whether they are about new website?s feature or anything else related to your membership at ImYours. Not a member of ImYours Dating? Join our dating community [URL=]here[/URL] .

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