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    I have no problem admitting I’m not very endowed on this chapter. I’ve always made jokes about it when asked if I would have wanted my breasts to be bigger – What? No way, the’re dangerous, they would make me fall over :p
    But I just read an interesting yet concerning article on how bigger breasts can bring bigger threats to women’s health and thought about sharing of this experience here.

    Researchers warn us that because breasts are made of estrogen receptors and fat they also tend to suck up a lot of the pollution from the surrounding environment. And as we are eating lots of junks and foods with hormones, use tons of cosmetics, breathe polluted air and drink polluted water, the risks are higher than ever.

    One in eight women are supposed to deal with breast cancer at some point in their life! Not sure that anyone is now anxious to have bigger nim nums… Or are you?



    its unbelievable how many women out there still want big breast even if it could me serious health issues. At the moment in UK there is this case of women who had a breast enlargement operation… it has subsequently been discovered that the implant used were industrial silicon that is now approved for implant in human body…. anyway, the implants has to be taken out of the breasts as there is the potential for them to cause cancer in the women, most of the clinics that did the implants want a lot of money to remove the implants and then use a better silicon……………. its a big mess as many of the people concerned cannot afford the money required for the procedure and the company that sold the implant has gone out of business.

    I will suggest to any woman thinking of breast enlargement not to do it, someone who really want you will love you the way you are, anyone who can only love you if you have huge mammary glands, well, you need to think more before getting into a relationship with such person.



    I know some women with extremely big breasts and they suffer from backaches (because their breasts are extremely heavy). I think many women who complain about breasts size have very low self-esteem. It’s quite sad because society has made it into something that’s important for women to have.



    I have only B-size, but I see no point to worry about) my breasts are nice, cute ans very sensitive) men like them to see, anyway) and I know such a kin of saying: little boobs are really boobs, but huge boobs are cow’s udder)

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