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    Preparing for a date may take a little work. You may even have your routine all mapped out. There are a few things that some women do beauty wise that can turn men off. Consider this list the next time you’re getting ready for your next date.

    Thick foundation. Men like to see the real you. Don’t cover your face with thick foundation. It looks fake and it’s messy.

    Lots of perfume. You want to smell nice, but you don’t want to overpower the room with your fragrance. Put a little one and refresh yourself during the date if needed.

    Sticky lip gloss. Just because you’re wearing lip gloss doesn’t mean the man you’re dating wants to have it transfer to his lips. It also doesn’t look too good. Don’t wear brands of lip gloss that tend to be on the sticky side. You’ll get more kisses that way.



    I once dated a guy who was really annoyed by my incredibly high heels that were making the long walk – walk that, btw, was suggested by me :p – to be so slow and me to complain on how my feet were hurting.



    Men always say they prefer women without makeup, and those that dresses up like prostitutes. Then if you don’t wear makeup and wear something decent, they end up spending the date staring at all the other women who do wear make up and dress up like whores.



    well, u have not to look like a Barbie – and men will like ur look. And be well-groomed, with clean nails and nice hear-cut. Be urself – it`s ur best look.


    For a date you just look well and good,

    KathrynEWyant;6116 wrote:

    For a date you just look well and good,

    dating advice for women[/url]

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