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    The art of picking up a girl is really more of a technical science in the sense that it requires a lot of research and a lot of knowledge into the behavioural science of a woman. One thing that most men will admit readily is that they have no idea how a woman thinks and they blame this on their emotional and physiological make up and how different they are from men. Well, this is true to some extents, but research has shown that how a woman thinks is quite similar to how men think. It is because men over think the situation and think that women will respond to a certain set way are one of the methods that keeps derailing their seduction efforts.

    Men have to understand that women respond in a certain way but their initial reactions are quite similar to how men would react. If a man were to see a woman staring at them all night long, they would be quite uncomfortable, especially if the woman was just average looking or if they were not attractive at all. Now place this logic in the shoes of a woman, who undoubtly because of their ability to choose, has somewhat higher standards when it comes to visual stimulation. Because also of the fact that they get attention most of the time from men, they are often guarded and need to be broken down before they can be seduced. One of the proven ways to do this is by the use of subliminal techniques like the use of words. Women respond to words a lot more then men and the often dissect what people say more than the rougher gender.

    The techniques to get you to seduce a woman is often a mixture of riveted attention, careful phrases, body language and the use of compliments. Compliments are the one powerful tool that men either use too much of or none at all. If you do not compliment a woman, she will start to feel a little insecure about her appearance and then quickly change to slight indignation as she realises that you are only interested in one thing. Compliment her apparel, how she dresses, her voice and her hair ? these are the proven hot spots where women like to be complemented on because they place a lot of effort in these areas.

    Also, try and keep your voice to a deep baritone, meaning keep it low. Not only is using the right words important it is also important to keep a soft approach when talking to a girl. If she leans over to hear you better, it is always a good thing as it means that she is actually interested in what you are saying. You know you are using the right combination of words when she initiates physical contact with you ? a sure sign that she is warming up to you. The power of words when seducing a woman is rightly one of the most important things you need to have at your disposal.



    The coolest part about flirting and trying to attract a woman or a man is that all the wisdom in the world will still need a personal touch from yourself. No matter how many tricks you have in mind about the matter, you will always find yourself in the situation of innovating – every person is unique, every decor is different. But it sure helps having some guiding rules 😀

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