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    Hey, just signed up as I am desperate to know if it’s all my fault. Thanks for any replies in advance. Here goes….so, I met a guy online. He was smitten straight away and texted all day, every day for nearly 3 weeks. He started a new job which was 12 hour shifts but insisted that he stay up to early hours in the morning last Friday and Saturday. No sex involved as I explained I wanted to wait. He was kind of ok with this. Anyway Wednesday being the 6th time, we had met I went up to his. We had sex that night however the next night I went up again and he kept moaning he was tired and he was sorry therefore there was no sex. He had a late start on Saturday so I thought he would like to have a drink with me as we didn’t see each other til late on Wednesday and Friday. However he said he didn’t want to see me. I explained that I thought he had changed his way towards me. He insisted he hadn’t and everything was fine, he still wanted to see me and he was just tired. I said ok then, no problem….as long as everything is ok and he said of course it is. Anyway I ended up going out with my friend, got really drunk! My friend left me and went away in a taxi. I then texted my socalled guy which he ignored as it was late in morning. Once I got home, I ended up phoning him (all because he said that he was on call for me 24/7). He ignored the phone and pretty sure he hung up on me. So then I do something really stupid and go up to his! He let me in and I said I want to know why you were all for seeing me last weekend but today you have a late start and not bothered. He then turned round and called me by a similar name to mine but not MY name. I told him where to go then left and texted him messages slagging him about his manhood…..whoops! Obviously it was because I was raging. Today I’ve apologised for going up drunk but emphasised the fact that if he never hung up the phone then this would never have happened. He is taking no blame whatsoever and doesn’t think he owes me any apology as it is nothing to do with him. I just feel led on and lied to. I can understand why I am in the wrong but is it completely my fault?


    No it is most certainly not, he sounds like a tosser

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