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    Given that its James Bond’s 50th birthday, loads is being written about him including his very active sex life. Excerpt from an article about his sex life follows:

    For 50 years, James Bond’s womanising has been central to the film character’s appeal. How does his sex life compare with an average man, and is it healthy?

    His chat-up lines err towards the rubbish.
    “That’s quite a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing. I approve.”
    “Detente can be beautiful.”
    “Well, as long as the collars and cuffs match.”
    A typical man deploying these bon mots while seeking female companionship might worry about having his facial features, as well as his cocktail order, shaken, not stirred.
    But not James Bond. For all his 1950s attitudes, wince-inducing “jokes” and unapologetic sexism, agent 007 exists in a world where the usual laws of romantic gravity do not apply.

    full article is here:

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