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    Speed dating, as you know, is a great way of meeting new people and find new romances. Lately it has become a very popular way of searching for a mate, but also a great way to spend some quality time among alike people.

    Here are some advantages of speed dating, don’t they sound great?

    1. Arranging the first date could become a real pain if you do not know what to do. Choosing the restaurant, choosing the table, driving her home and so on. With speed dating you just register, go at the club/bar where the event takes place and enjoy the arrangements. Now all you need to do is finding someone you might like.

    2. Having a bad speed date? Do not worry, it only takes 3-4 minutes and then you go to the next one. With speed dating you will only progress until you find the one that really suits you. If not, attend to the next event. 🙂

    3. Get out of the house and meet some new folks. Enjoy the chilled atmosphere, have a couple of drinks and live the moment. Great way to spend time!

    4. Although this is on 4th place, it could better be on 1st place: awesome way to meet a date! Imagine: one hour, 10-20 possible dates. What could you desire more? Just do your best to stick with the one you like.

    5. With this economic turn-down, a date could be considered quite expensive, right? A date with one single person…So why a speed date with 10, 20 even 50 persons, at much lower costs, wouldn’t be something you might prefer more? I am sure I have a point here, do not underestimate the power of financial thinking! 🙂



    hmmm… things to be considered…. thanks..


    Sounds fun.. Yet what if your the one to be rejected? That would be the pain…


    bushmaster1010;3518 wrote:

    Sounds fun.. Yet what if your the one to be rejected? That would be the pain…

    My typical experience of meeting women anyway!!! 😀

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