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    This film, directed by Tom Ford, is based on the novel with the same name, written by Christopher Isherwood in 1964.

    An outstanding performance from Colin Firth, who plays George Falconer, an expatriate English man in Los Angeles, which teaches English literature in a college. He is an elegant and polite teacher, respected and admired in the campus, but deep inside he feels sorrow and pain.

    The action takes place in 1962, when youth culture is breaking through the suburban traditionalism, and here we find George, a gay English literature teacher not concerned about latest passed Cuban missile crisis but in deep grief and shock after his partner, Jim, has died in an accident. This tragic event is amplified by the fact that Jim?s family has not allowed Firth to participate to the funeral, so he must suffer in silence, with dignity. Followed by this George makes a major decision: he will not tolerate anymore his loneliness and will take his life.

    George?s best friend Charley, played by Julianne Moore, is also an English expat with a ruined marriage and on the verge of alcoholism. Their friendship is true and sensitive, although we see Falconer furious when Charley?s beliefs – about how heterosexual marriage is more genuine than a gay relationship – come to surface.

    Some great moments are created in this movie, like when standing on toilet George stares through the bathroom window and wonders about the normal family he sees out there; or when he later goes to bank to resolve his financial situation and a little girl from neighborhood appears in front of him sitting on a table.

    A beautiful film, a great role-playing by Colin Firth, a definitely ?to watch? portrait-movie.

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