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    Here are 4 erotic wishes most men have when it comes to sex:

    1. He wants you to “get wet” by yourself

    Although men are not bothered by the fact they must initiate a sex act, they would not mind if you would take the initiative and to enter in game when you are already wet. Some tricks to use:
    – increase your libido by thinking of hot sex
    – undress slowly in front of a mirror while he is watching you
    – start and touch yourself before he does this

    2. He needs clues

    Men would be glad to find out they are gifted with extra-sensual perception for finding what you would like, however this is not possible, at least not in real life. Start the game by giving him clues of what you would like:
    – confess to him how some things he usually do excites you (kissing, talking dirty,teasing)
    – tell him how good you feel in a certain sexual position
    – take the lead while in bed, be the brave one

    3. He wants funny sex

    Sex is not like in the movies, action is not running smoothly, some sexual positions simply do not work, strange sounds appear and so on…This may cut the pleasure for some women, however taking advantage of those and combining fun with sex could really be a great step one can take.

    4. Wild or dominated

    There are two types of men, the ones that need to be dominated in bed and other that like to be a little wild. It all depends on what you want, if you like him a little more wilder whisper to his year words like “take me now”, “I really would like you to make love with me”, but in the same time keep him at distance. This would make him want more and more and finally understand what you really want.



    yeah its true that men want more , and this wishes are true being a male i like the information and affirms that it is true.

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