Each zodiac sign has it's own hot spot. I believe you know your own, but here is a list that might help you satisfy your partner. Enjoy!

Aries: the head area: ears, face, hair, lips. Caress his/her face gently, play with the hair, give plenty of sweet kisses all over her face, lips, ears, and in no time, she/he will be moaning with pleasure.

Taurus: neck and the back of the ears. Caress his/her neck, bite it gently, leave a mark if you must. It would not bother him/her, as the excitement of the moment will distract him/her for noticing the mark, or the pain.

Gemini: hands, arms, shoulders. He/she enjoys holding hands, having his/her shoulders caressed, even while making sex. If you want to get the mood started, offer a shoulder massage.

Cancer: breasts and belly button. Cover him/her with kisses in those areas, and pleasure will come, no doubt. Cancer is a passionate sign that enjoys foreplay and massages, so do it!

Leo: back massage! Both men and female representatives of this sigh will enjoy a back massage before or even as a cause leading to sex. So do an erotic massage, use some perfumed oils, and you'll sweep him/her of his/her feet!

Virgo: the abdomen area and the pelvis. It's a very sensitive and fragile sign, so he/she will respond to caresses done in those areas. Don't forget: a Virgo doesn't like to let you down, so he/she will respond no matter the quality of the massage.

Libra: hips and inner tights. Play with those areas before, during, and after sex. He/she will enjoy it. Use your lips! It won't bother him/her!

Scorpio: genital area. If you are thinking of foreplay, go straight for the intimate areas, and then you can continue to others as well. It will excite him/her enormously, and he/she will not mind returning you the favor!

Sagittarius: hips, inner tights and the genital area. It's a combination between Libra and Virgo, so the sex is going to be great! Don't be greedy with the kisses!

Capricorn: knees area. It's strange, but he/she will love to be kisses and caressed in that area. Also, a general oil massage would do the trick!

Aquarius: abdomen, knee, sides of the chest. Play with him/her by kissing and caressing those areas. You have to show him/her that you really want him/her to enjoy this!

Pisces: legs. Just like the tale of a fish, he/she in sensitive in that area. So give him/her a foot massage. You can combine pleasure with pain, he/she wouldn't mind!

Do these spots work for you or your partner?