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    Default Kissing and its positive effects

    1. Kiss and hiccups

    Kiss is a good cure for hiccups.

    2. Kiss and compatibility

    Kiss gives you the opportunity to feel how compatible you are with the other person. Did not ever happen to look at another other person with different eyes after you've kissed?

    3. Kissing as a vaccine

    Kissing is like a vaccine because saliva attack germs. Through the exchange of saliva are also produced antibodies that protect you from germs.

    4. Kiss and pressure

    Kissing prevents the formation of stress hormone, cortisol, which is responsible for tension, muscle weakness and insomnia.

    5. Kiss and calories

    Kissing burns up 12 calories, if it lasts more than 5 seconds.

    6. Kissing and facial muscles

    Kissing stimulates over 30 facial muscles that are responsible for your skin suppleness and smoothness.

    7. Kiss and heart

    Kissing regulates the cardiovascular system, reduces tension and cholesterol levels.

    Start kissing people! Share some love!

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    Kissing is considered healthy for people as far as i know

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