When someone cheats on you, you have to decide if you want to break-up or continue the relationship. There are some funny situations in which your partner might not deserve to get dumped. Here they are:

1. At a Halloween party
So he/she started kissing someone that had the same costume like you. If a bit of alcohol is on the menu, than he/she cloud even have a quick session of sex without noticing a difference.

2. With his/her wife/husband

Well, this is quite funny. you are not entitled to be jealous if he/she is having sex with his/her life partner. You are the 3rd person here. Don't act jealous because it's absurd!

3. With another girl

Considering that your partner is a woman and you are a man, this shouldn't be a problem for you. Sit back and enjoy the view, or ask if you could join in. All men fantasize about it, so why not take advantage of the situation?

4. With his/her favorite VIP

Chances like these only come once in a life time, so don't give your partner a hard time for having a one-time-fun with the person he/she dreams about from puberty.

5. On the 1st of April
If you catch him/her cheating on you then... don't jump to conclusion, It might be a prank. Also, if h/she tell you he/she is been seeing someone else, you are being punked! (OK, you can dump him/her is the prank consists of actual cheating)